24 December 2011

Episode 13, Part 1: Miracle on 34th Street (1947)

In which we open with a pubic hair joke....

Illustration by Dana Miller.

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A huge thank you to Kerri for joining us once again. Follow her on Twitter.

This episode discusses Miracle on 34th Street. IMDb. Wikipedia.

The music used in this episode is the main theme of the film, composed by Cyril Mockridge.

01 December 2011

Episode 12 Bonus: Dana's Unedited Giggle Fit

Because people demanded it....

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Banner Art

Realization hit me in the form of Dayna's fist that we completely forgot to thank Benjamin J for the amazing banner art he sent us. So Benjamin J, thank you. It's a fantastic piece of work and we're honored that you did it for us.

To check out more of Benjamin J's work, please visit Soul Exodus.