22 April 2012

Episode 16, Part 1: One Missed Call (2003)

In which spiders have been known to leap....

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A huge thank you to Made of Fail's Dayna for being our special guest once again, and for putting up with our constant editing delays (which Noel humbly appologizes for).

This episode discusses One Missed Call (2003). IMDb. Wikipedia.

The music used in this episode is the ringtone that signifies your time to die has arrive. Thank you for listening, now rest in peace and please try not to take spectral revenge on the living.

01 April 2012

Episode 17: True Grit

Oh, wait....

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Here is where I'd typically thank Kevin for joining us and plug the Made of Fail Empire he's slowly forging, but we haven't been on speaking terms since this was recorded, so he can go take a flying leap for all I care. Chill out, bro. Move on with your life and just let it go.

And, yes, I know that we're posting episode 17 even though episode 16 is still unfinished and unreleased. Kevin - communicating to us through "legal" "channels" - whipped out a bit of contractual fine print and "requested" that his episode be posted before we got to Dayna's. Probably because she still talks to us.

"Thank" you, Kevin. "Thank" you deep. "Thank" you hard.