01 April 2012

Episode 17: True Grit

Oh, wait....

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Here is where I'd typically thank Kevin for joining us and plug the Made of Fail Empire he's slowly forging, but we haven't been on speaking terms since this was recorded, so he can go take a flying leap for all I care. Chill out, bro. Move on with your life and just let it go.

And, yes, I know that we're posting episode 17 even though episode 16 is still unfinished and unreleased. Kevin - communicating to us through "legal" "channels" - whipped out a bit of contractual fine print and "requested" that his episode be posted before we got to Dayna's. Probably because she still talks to us.

"Thank" you, Kevin. "Thank" you deep. "Thank" you hard.


Benjamin J said...

Best April Fools gag I've heard so far. Also creative use of Rickrolling. Well done, guys.

Kevin said...

I was promised an episode, damn it! If you can't handle a verbal contract, then we'll just SEE about hosting for the next year!

Benjamin J said...

Shit just got real...

NoelCT said...

You don't get to take me out of the hosting gig, Kevin. It's my show, my format, which I ripped off from other podcasts. Not you! It'll be a cold day in hell before you ever pry this series out of my cold dead haxxxxxx

Yay! I get a new job! Omigosh what am I going to do with this new job. I mean, I know Kevin gave it to me and told me to do as I please but I totally don't know what that as I please is going to be and is Evie still around, because I like Evie and hosting with her could be fun, but do I still need to have Noel's name on the account, because he's kinda gone now and I don't think he's coming back until the water wears through the cement and (deep breath) I Love/Love Ponies with Tessa and Evie! Yay! Old ponies and new ponies and ponies of all kinds for everyone of all ages and omigosh yay!

anonyfan said...

Hi, I'm a long time listener, not much of a commenter. As always, great show. :)
I just got around to listening to this episode, because I wanted to listen to the #16 episodes first (is that purist?). Do you have some of those movies mentioned on a list, as examples of movies you won't be reviewing them and the reasons why not?

NoelCT said...

Glad you like the show, anonyfan.

Making a list of what we won't cover would have entries in the hundreds, so we can't list them all, but the reason is typically: Is there an original source that predated the earlier film (novel, comic, tv series)? And if so, is the latter film truly a remake of the earlier one, or is it an alternative adaptation of that non-cinematic source? This can mostly (not always, but mostly) be settled by credits. If the latter film credits the earlier film, usually under the writing category, then it's a remake. If not, and it only credits the non-cinematic source, then it's an alternate adaptation and we won't cover it.

We'd rather people look these up for themselves because we're not going to list everything we will and won't cover. There's way too many and doing so would ruin some surprises we have in store.