17 January 2011

Episode 2: The Parent Trap

In which an American accent is revealed to be trickier than a British one, Natasha Richardson gets snockered, and Evie seeks answers regarding the existence of electric hips....

Illustration by Dana Miller. Check out her deviantART page.

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A big thanks to our friend Kerri for joining us. Her laugh is almost as sinister and chipmunky as Evie's.

Skype was a pain in the ass the night of the recording, garbling and skipping words, and cutting out on people left and right. I edited around it as best I could (we recorded for over two hours), but the occasional issue still slipped through, and we apologize if the final conversation feels a little scattered as a result. We would have stopped and rescheduled, but we were having too much fun.

For more information about the 1961 version of The Parent Trap, visit its IMDB and Wikipedia pages.

For more information about the 1998 version of The Parent Trap, visit its IMDB and Wikipedia pages.

And for more information about the 1949 Erich Kästner novel, Das Doppelte Lottchen (released in the U.S. as Lisa and Lottie), check out its Wikipedia page.


princessstarr said...

Wow, that front pic is creeping me out something big.

Loved the episode- the sound quality was a little off for me, but I enjoyed. I've seen both versions, and I agree with you guys- the 1998 movie was so much better. (Although, I've only seen the original once, and don't remember much of it. And probably because the remake gets rerun all the time.)

Thank you for pointing out that why would the father ever marry Meredith- it's always annoyed me. And yes, Natasha Richardson was the best mom ever.

I cannot wait to hear your Godzilla reviews, as you continue through 1998 remakes. Have fun!

NoelCT said...

Ha! I totally hadn't noticed that we were doing three 1998 remakes in a row. We'll break that trend with episode 4.