27 April 2011

Episode 5: Clash of the Titans

In which we enjoy a nice warm bowl of hero oatmeal....

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A huge thanks to Dana Miller for joining us this episode as our resident Myth Nazi, and for providing yet another fantastic illustration. Follow her on Twitter and check out her deviantART page.

Films Discussed:

Clash of the Titans (1981). IMDB. Wikipedia.

Clash of the Titans (2010). IMDB. Wikipedia.


princessstarr said...

Admission time: Have not seen either Clash of the Titans partially due to personal creative reasons and also...just haven't. And also, agreeing with Dana MYTHOLOGY NERD SMASH.

I have seen clips from the 1981 version, and it does look extremely dated next to films like Labyrinth or even Never-ending Story.

Quick note about the 3-D Alice: I don't know the specific article, but I do remember reading in Entertainment Weekly that the conversion worked because they did the 3-D along with the CGI effects. (I don't go to see 3-D movies, just because my eyes are screwy. Also, they cost too much.)

And I forgot about the Saint Seiya artist doing the Japanese posters. They look more awesome than the live-action posters.

anonyfan said...

It's been quite a while since I saw the 1981 Clash of the Titans and I haven't yet seen the new one.

I enjoy all your reviews and discussions, but don't have much add in the form of comments.


Marcoast said...

I watched both movies back to back some months ago. As an action movie the remake is better, but the plot had some many holes, or characters poorly used, like the 2 hunters in Perseus team, I thought they were Hercules and his cousin who defeated the Hydra, and Zeus had sent them to help Perseus while undercover.

I also agree that Io and Bubo in both film should had been replaced by Athena, maybe at the end of the remake revaling that Io was in reality Athena in disguise, and she faked her death to give Perseus more reasons to rush up and defeat Calibus.

In the original my only complain is the whole Vulture and the dream sequence, that was too odd like you mentioned. The rest of the film was very good. And the romance between Afrodite and Perseus was more natural.

About Hades in the remake they could have made the character more deep if they had focus more how he was betrayed by Poiseidon and Zeus after they defeated the Titans, when Poseidon and Zeus split the earth between them and gave the leftovers a.k.a. the underworld to Hades.