29 October 2011

Episode 11, Part 1: Halloween (1978)

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A huge thanks to Lori Bowen for joining us on this episode. Follow her on Twitter and check out her awesome blog.

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This episode discusses Halloween (1978). IMDb. Wikipedia.


Angie Tusa said...

Noel and I have already discussed the first two Halloween films before, but I think what it comes down to for me is that I just don't find Michael Myers scary. It surprises me that I don't, because mannequins, dolls, robots, zombies, etc. with their blank faces and slow movements usually do freak me out. But I don't remember ever being scared of Michael as a kid the way I was of Jason and Freddy, and I definitely didn't find him remotely scary watching the film as an adult. What everyone else refers to as Carpenter "building tension" I feel as boredom. I'm obviously in the minority though, so I mean no ill will to those of you who love it. I just can't help but be Freddy's girl when it comes to slashers.

NoelCT said...

Jason I never found frightening, mostly because I never found his films to be particularly all that good. Englund's Freddy also doesn't do much for me - with the exeception of 2, where he's more of a restrained figure boiling in the shadows - because he's too false and over the top. He's a carnival funhouse boo scare. Seriously, there's a scene in the first where he literally jumps out of a bush, throws up his hands, and goes "BAH!"