28 June 2013

Episode 21, Part 2: Cat People (1982)

In which we're all horrible people who are going to hell....

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A huge thank you to Kayleigh for joining us this episode. You can follow her on Twitter, and read her writing at The Book Lantern and The Sparkle Project. In the time since this recording (about 8 months ago!), she and several friends have started their own amazing podcast, Anglo-Filles.

This episode discusses Cat People (1982). IMDb. Wikipedia.

Excerpts from the film's score composed by Giorgio Moroder.


Angie Tusa said...

Finally listening to this episode even though I haven't seen the film. Being set in New Orleans my ears perked up when you guys mentioned the zoo, which according to imdb was Audubon, aka one of my favorite places down here. When I watch the film I'll have to let you know if any of it looks familiar to me at all or if the renovations changed the look of the zoo completely.

Angie Tusa said...

Following up now that I watched it - the elephant area is exactly the same as shown in the film, and the exterior of the gift shop looks exactly the same. She walks by the fountain in the beginning and it's hard to tell if the elephant statues were already there or if they were added in later - I didn't see them. Those tiny cages are long gone, and I don't remember seeing them in my youth either, so they were definitely out of use by the mid-80s at least.

As you might expect, some of the scenes are not really filmed in the city proper but the areas surrounding it. The Harvey Tunnel that they drive through is on the west bank on the other side of the river, for instance, and I'm pretty sure the part where they are driving out to the bayou and he's pointing out boats and cranes was filmed there as well. I also think the early scene where they are trying to get the leopard out of the hotel where you can see the train tracks above the building is closer to the Huey P Long Bridge - at least that's the only place in the area I know of with tracks above the ground anyway.

As a local, it kind of drove me nuts when Alice showed up and said "it's on the bridge" because around here we have so many you need to specify! But I didn't recognize the one they used at all - either it's been renovated or it's some minor overpass that I didn't recognize it.

As you can see, it was pretty fun to have a chance to see how many things have stayed the same in the last 30+ years and what has changed. :)

NoelCT said...

Awesome. Thanks for filling us in. :)