28 September 2013

Episode 22, Part 2: Fright Night (2011)

Hey guy....

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A big thank you to JD for joining us this episode. Check out his series Comics Are Awesome, and follow him on Twitter.

This episode discusses Fright Night (2011). IMDb. Wikipedia.

Excerpts from the film's score composed by Ramin Djawadi.

Todd Farmer's unproduced pitch treatment can be read (dear lord no) here.


Angie Tusa said...

You name dropped me! *happy dance* My thought when I saw him drinking that is that it was completely and utterly the wrong color for absinthe. Absinthe is a much lighter green, so I'm not sure if they were thinking people wouldn't realize that or if he's supposed to be drinking something else. And Evie is right, absinthe is really strong stuff (especially if you don't water it down) unless the idea is that he's a serious drinker and has built up a strong tolerance.

Overall, I agree with you guys. I liked the original, but there's something about this one I like a little better. It's certainly flawed, and the soundtrack choices are complete head scratchers, but it was overall enjoyable for me.

Tony Williams said...

I got name dropped, too! Twice! Noel, not gonna kick you in the knee, but I am outside of your apartment right now ripping out your gas line.

Tony Williams said...

And tell Evie I'm not going to destroy her condo. I am, however, going to come over to borrow beer and creep on her porch until she lets me in.