12 June 2012

Episode 16, Part 2: One Missed Call (2008)

In which, yes, our show still exists....

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A huge thank you to Made of Fail's Dayna for being our special guest once again, and for putting up with our constant editing delays (which Noel humbly apologise for).

This episode discusses One Missed Call (2008). IMDb. Wikipedia.

The music used in this episode is the ringtone from the remake.

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anonyfan said...

Hello. I like listening to your show, although I don't usually have many comments for you.
I seem to recall that there was an episode of Supernatural that had similar plot points to this. I think someone mentioned Supernatural before, so I'm not sure if you watch the series. It's Season 7 Episode 7, The Mentalists, if you wanted to check it out.