09 July 2012

Episode 18, Part 1: April Fool's Day (1986)

In which timing means everything when you have a topically themed subject....

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A huge thank you to Angelle Tusa for joining us this episode. Her various multitude of projects can all be found at her official website. You can also follow her on Twitter.

Yes, this episode was recorded and intended to be released in April. Shame Noel for his laziness. Shame him deeply. Okay, not that deeply. Now a little to the right. Thaaaat's the sweet spot.

This episode discusses April Fool's Day (1986). IMDb. Wikipedia.

The film's score was by Charles Bernstein, who also wrote and produced the song "Too Bad You're Crazy".


Sandstar said...

Okay, you guys can't fucking do this. You can't call yourself a podcast where you compare movies, and then wait over a month to post the second half. I'll have forgotten what you said by the time you get around to posting it. Why don't you wait till you have both parts recorded, then release one 2 weeks after the other. And if you don't have time, maybe you should hand the podcast over to someone who does.

NoelCT said...

Both parts have already been recorded. There have been delays, which I do regret, and I'm so very sorry that the implosion of my personal life over the last couple of months has led to such an inconvenience on your listening experince. But this show is Evie's and mine. If you can't wait for the next episode, knock yourself out on recording your own, because I'm not handing it over to anyone.

Sandstar said...

Okay, glad to know you care so little about your listeners that you act like this. So sorry to invconvience you by not having omnipotence, and not knowing that you've been having troubles since, apparently, April. Sorry for liking your show enough to wonder why there's been a month gap between posting a show that's apparently, already been recorded. You want throw any more attitude into your fans faces?

NoelCT said...

No, you're not omnipotent and have no reason to know about my troubles, but what's a better move to pull in that case: "Hey, love the show, but wondering why it's taking so long between episodes lately?" or shouting at us about not living up to expectations and telling us to hand our show over to someone else. You tell me not to throw attitude in your face, well you threw it first. All I did was respond in kind.

I care about the listeners. I'm glad people like the show and want to give them more. But it's not a professional endeavor for Evie and I. It's something we do for fun in our free time. That requires one to actually have the free time to do it in. Yes, the episode has been recorded, but I'm not putting it out without editing it because I don't think hitting people with a messy, raw file is very respectful to the audience. If I put it out, I want it to be a quality piece worth listening to. But again, free time has been hard to come by. I'm sorry, but that's how it is and I can't just magically change it.

Evie said...

How about this: I was going to reply to your comment, but Noel really said it all. This podcast isn't a professional endeavor and our personal lives will always come first. Expecting anything else of us seems unreasonable. I do apologize that episodes have been so late coming out, but events beyond our control have occurred. While we appreciate your passion for this show, we'd also like your understanding.

queenanthai said...


Unknown said...

Great episode as always! I just wanted to tell you that this is probably my favorite podcast in the entire Made of Fail network. *shhhh, don't tell your Internet Mom and Dad* Looking forward to the next episode! :)

Strannik said...

I've only now had a chance to listen to this episode and honestly - it wasn't as interesting as most of the others, but I think it had more to do with material than anything you guys could have done. If the movie was underwhelming and not much of a horror film, there is only so much anyone can do.

Still, it would be interesting to hear what the remake is like. If the original was bland... what would something with modern blockbuster priorities be like?

Enbrethiliel said...


My opinion is closest to Noel's. I actually enjoyed this movie as both a "Yuppie Comedy" (Didn't know that was a genre, though! LOL!) and a Slasher, but that's because the mystery had me riveted. It's not often that a Slasher doubles as a Whodunit, and I really enjoyed the genre bending.

And I'm probably just the most gullible viewer in the world, but I totally bought the "offscreen" kills. I mean, habeas corpus was satisfied, if nothing else. =P How was I supposed to know those bodies weren't real??? LOL!

But I totally get the other criticisms. I mixed up Nan and Nikki throughout the movie, too. (I even thought Nan was Kit at the end!) Then there's Skip and the other dark-haired guy friend, the one with the camera.

Well spotted that Rob the doctor wannabe never actually does anything that shows he wants to be a doctor. LOL!

And that's a great point about pranking the audience. The prank holds up, even if the plot doesn't. Like Rob and Kit, I was in a state of emotional distress; so I bought everything! I think that's why I forgive this movie . . . even if I have a harder time believing that the characters forgive each other. =)