25 December 2013

Episode 25, Part 2: A Nightmare On Elm Street (2010)

In which Noel is completely incapable of judging heights....


A huge thanks to Lori Bowen for joining us on this episode. Follow her on Twitter and check out her awesome blog.

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This episode discusses A Nightmare On Elm Street (2010). IMDb. Wikipedia.

Excerpts from the film's score composed by Steve Jablonsky.

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Angie Tusa said...

I also disliked this remake, and most of the reasons you guys talked about were spot on. The whole idea of essentially trying to misdirect the audience suggesting they lied about the abuse just to turn around and have it be the truth was pointless and unnecessary and really rubbed me the wrong way.

But I had a bigger problem with Freddy in this film, even beyond the horrible makeup and CGI. While he didn't always sound like Rorschach, he did way too often for my tastes. On top of that, it just felt really odd to see someone who looks so close to the original but doesn't sound like Robert Englund anymore. When they remade Jason and Michael Myers it was one thing, as they are both silent heroes with masks on their faces. They can be anyone, and their casting even changed in the original series. But Freddy=Robert Englund, especially by the later movies when he was so full of quips.

I know that sounds like someone holding on to nostalgia or their love for the original and therefore being unable to let go, but in fact my feelings are that they should have gone for a wilder departure here. Call him Freddy, let him kill teenagers inside their dreams, but change his outfit, change his look, make him something more new and sinister in this post-The Cell/Inception/Saw world. Jackie Earle Haley is a good actor and he could have done great with something much more new and interesting.

I will admit the actual stated child abuse made that scene with him on top of her on the bed much more uncomfortable to watch, but that's about all I can give this movie.